What are the risks of creatine ?

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Many studies clearly show that creatine monohydrate is a safe supplement when taken by healthy individuals in doses up to 10 mgs per day. There have been no serious side effects reported from both short term and long term supplementation.

Minor side effects reported were muscle cramping, stomach upset, stomach pain and weight gain. Many of these problems may have to do with dehydration, since creatine tends to pull fluids into your muscles. Drinking plenty of water while taking creatine can prevent adverse side effects. Try to drink 8-10 cups if water per day.

Creatine supplement purity is very important when choosing a brand to purchase. Impurities such as heavy metals, Dicyandiamide, Creatinine, Dihydrotriazine have been found is some discount and premium creatine brands. To be sure you are getting a safe product I recommend you only purchase supplements that contain %100 Creapure creatine in them.

You should not use creatine without being under the supervision of you doctor or healthcare provider if you have any of the folowing conditions :

  • diabetes

  • kidney disease

  • heart disease

  • pregnant or breast feeding a baby




how to get your arms bigger

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If you’re struggling to increase the size of your arms, then follow some of these basic strategies. Its no surprise that exercises like curls build biceps and add to your arms overall size. What most people don’t realize is that approximately 2/3 of your arms size is made up by the triceps. All the curl repetitions in the world are only going to add to 1/3 to your arms size. In order to maximize gains, you will definitely want to add a few triceps exercises to your arm routine.  Dips, scull crushers, dumbbell overhead triceps press and close grip bench presses are all great exercises that work the triceps and add real mass to your arms.

In addition to lifting heavy weight the number one way to gain size in your arms, both short and long term, is to take creatine monohydrate. Short term size increases will come from additional water retention and pump within the muscles. Many people experience this after a 5 day creatine loading phase. Consider that a muscle is about 70% water, so this additional water retention can actually have a dramatic effect. This also adds the muscles size long term. The additional fluid is flooding the muscles with nutrients and protein which promote recovery and an increase in the size of the muscle fibers.

If you have not tried using creatine monohydrate and would like to add it to your training, be sure to ONLY purchase the supplement in its purest form. No matter how many testing certificates or lab tests the product claims. ONLY purchase a supplement with  100% Creapure brand creatine. If it dosen’t say 100% creapure it isn’t.


How To Get Bigger Arms In 2 Simple Steps

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Want to know how to get bigger arms? Forget about complicated workout routines and bogus nutritional supplements. If you want bigger arms you have to isolate and work your biceps with strict form. The best way to do that is with a piece of equipment called the Bicep Bomber

This training tool can transform a regular set of barbell curls into an intense muscle building exercise. It does this by allowing you to reach deeper muscle fibers and new levels of growth. This is not some worthless fad item that you see on late night TV promising you a perfect body overnight. In fact the Bicep Bomber has been around for decades and was even used by Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was training as a bodybuilder (see photos below). Follow the steps below and you will get bigger arms and biceps in just a few short weeks.
Lets start with step 1:


How To Get Bigger Arms

Bigger arms

How To grow 2-4 inches taller in 8 weeks!

1. If you’re new to weight training and don’t have a barbell set Click Here. Next, Get yourself a Bicep Bomber and do 6 sets of barbell or dumbell Curls for 10-12 reps. Adjust the weight on each set so that you are just able to do 10-12 reps. Try to add weight to the bar every workout or every other workout. Keep a training diary to update your progress. make sure you have a pair of 1.25 lb. Plates. Its called progressive resistance training for a reason. You must lift progressively heavier weights in order for your muscles to grow. The next piece of advice is probably the most important of this post. DO NOT workout again until you have recovered COMPLETELY from the prior workout. This means you are completely free of soreness in your arms for at least 24 hours prior to your next workout. For some people this may be 2 days for others it may be 2 weeks. A lot will depend on your age, training level, rest and nutrition. Follow step 2 to turbo charge your results.

2. Take Creatine Monohydrate. Its one of the few if not only supplements out there that really works. Keep in mind that not all Creatine is manufactured with same quality and potency. Many brands have impurities like heavy metals and you should stay away from them. I recommend only buying micronized Creatine from Germany. Follow the dosage instructions given by the manufacturer. This is usally 5 grams per day unless you decide to do a loading phase. For more information on creatine please read this post Get Bigger Arms With Creatine.

There you have it. Two simple steps to bigger arms and huge biceps. The steps outlined here are simple but that dosen’t mean they’re easy.  Like anything else your progress will be determined by your effort and consistency. Nothing will be a better motivator than progress, so keep a training diary and watch the weights you’re lifting increase along with the size of your arms!

Get Taller – Grow 2-4 Inches Taller in 8 Weeks! Safe, Effective and 100% Natural!

Blast Your Biceps Review

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I’ve been on Lee Hayward’s website many times and found his articles and training videos to be very informative. His Blast Your Biceps Mass Building Arm Specialization Workout Training System caught my eye and I was very intrigued. The ad says  the system will add 2 inches of muscle mass to your arms in just 2 months! You can’t argue with Lee’s before and after pictures and he definitely knows his stuff. I was also interested in the stretch overload training section as I have not heard of this. I would love to hear from anyone who has tried the training system or knows someone who did. Please be as detailed as possible and include your results. Thanks!



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How To Get Bigger Arms Without Weights

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The best exercises to work your arms without weights are:

  • chin-ups

  • pull-ups

  • tricep dips

  • push-ups

It is possible to get a great workout without weights using the exercises above. They are great for building muscle definition and some size. The problem with un-weighted exercises for building mass is that the only way you can increase the intensity is by increasing the reps. The best way to increase muscle mass and size is by lifting progressively heavier weights for relatively low repetitions. Gaining muscle mass is all about progressive resistance. This forces your muscles to adapt to a progressively increased intensity(weight) by making the muscle grow larger to handle the larger load. I use the above exercises when I’m on vacation or not able to get to a gym. They’re also great muscle confusion exercises that can get you out of a plateau or to just change things up.



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Get Bigger Arms With Creatine

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Creatine is one of the only supplements on the market that actually works and can help increase both size and strength. Creatine is manufactured by the body from the amino acids L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine mainly in the liver and kidneys. The recommended dose is between 5 and 10 grams for weight training athletes. It should be taken with a drink that is sugar sweetened. The sugar causes an insulin spike and the creatine is absorbed into the cells much more rapidly. I usually take it with warm tea and sugar. The warm liquid helps fully dissolve the creatine. If you use a cold drink like gatorade or fruit punch you’ll notice the creatine at the bottom of the glass even after a minute of stirring. The next question is whether to do a loading phase or just take the 5 grams from the start. The loading phase consists of taking 20 grams daily broken up into (4)  5 gram doses spread throughout the day for 5 days.  After the loading phase a 5 gram maintenance dose is taken. The benefit to loading is that the creatine levels in the body are elevated faster. I’ve heard advice on both sides of the fence, but I’ve always loaded when starting a Creatine phase and I’ve always had incredible results. The most important decision you have to make regarding creatine is which brand and manufacturer. Not all creatine is created equal and by choosing the wrong brand you could end up with chemical impurities such as Dihydrotriazine, Dicyandiamide, Creatinine and Sodium. This is especially true of those brands manufatured in China. For this reason I recommend only buying micronized German Creatine manufactured in Germany.



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Best Bicep Workout

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What is the best bicep workout? The best workout is the one that works for you. Keep in mind that your muscles like it when you change routines every so often. This is called muscle confusion and it is beneficial for those who have been using the same workout routine for a long time or have reached a plateau and are no longer making progress. With this in mind you can see how a bicep workout that was working last month may not be working today.  Try the arm workout below for mass and muscle size.

Since this workout is geared toward mass, the exercises are going to be basic with a lower rep range and fewer sets. Like any other muscle group you have to focus on lifting heavy weights with good form. You must add weight to the bar as often as you can. Since the biceps and triceps are smaller muscle groups, you can use 1.25 lb weights to add to the bar if 2.5 lb is too much. As your muscles grow they will be able to accomodate the heavier weight.

  • Standing Bicep Curls         6-8 reps             3 sets

  • Reverse curls                         6-8 reps             3 sets

  • Tricep pulldowns                8-10 reps           3 sets

  • Tricep Dips(weighted)      8-10 reps           3 sets